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That mindset is a road to nowhere, and the reason so many Americans are so unsuccessful with their physical health and their lives. Today, you have to be almost fanatical to be successful at any endeavor, to overcome the snares and temptations so pervasive in our culture. If people don’t accuse you of being obsessed, you’re probably not doing it right. And nothing communicates obsessive like IRONMAN.

While my skill-set is most beneficial for athletes preparing for long-course triathlon competition, I DO work with clients of all ages, abilities or objectives. This includes Olympic and Sprint distances, duathlon and aquabike. I welcome retirees and youth, disabled and elite. And a client DOES NOT need to commit to a race or distance when they begin their training… although I strongly believe that one derives maximum value from training with “a dream and a date.”

Transformative life change cannot be achieved through a simple, undefined improvement in general fitness, any more than a diet can achieve proper nutrition or getting your news from Facebook can make you smart. Is it even possible to have success without a goal? As I watch the normal gym patron, I suggest the answer is NO.


Alpha Plan

$199.99 (one-time)

This package is designed to be executed by the athlete without direct supervision of a coach. Once an event schedule has been selected, a plan will be customized for that individual, integrating the full scoop of their strengths and weaknesses. It will incorporate daily workouts, customized volume progression, a benchmark testing schedule and periodization that aligns with one’s goal event and overall family and career commitments.

Each ALPHA athlete enjoys initial testing sessions to establish training zones across all disciplines, and taught how to make zone adjustments as fitness changes.

ALPHA clients are typically established long-course veterans, those preferring a hands-off approach or those simply uncomfortable with designing a full training season on their own. This option is also the most accommodating to those on a tight budget. This plan applies all standard Delphi protocols but lacks the communication and monitoring privileges afforded to the more robust BRAVO, CHARLIE or DELTA plans. While we would prefer that all clients participate in our more intensive plans, we recognize not everyone is at a place where that much individual attention is beneficial.

Bravo Plan


In addition to the same customized plan included in the ALPHA package, BRAVO athletes receive monthly plan modifications based on their progress, monthly testing sessions for each discipline, monthly phone calls and weekly emails with me. They are the first to have access to coaching webinars (“Delphi Academy”) and their own online training logs through TrainingPeaks, as well as guidance on training and equipment selection, general nutrition and race fueling advice and access to Delphi supervised workouts.

This package is comparable to the premium plans offered by many other triathlon coaches, and is characterized primarily by its monthly contact and communication. BRAVO athletes still want to train on their own, but ensure they don’t veer off-track during training. They seek guidance on the big picture exclusively, preferring their progression not to be micro-managed.

The BRAVO package often appeals to Delphi alumni who already possess most of the foundational knowledge of triathlon, but appreciate the value of objective oversight and counsel.

Charlie Plan


CHARLIE plans are our most popular option and are distinguished by weekly contact- weekly phone calls, weekly monitoring of progress and weekly adjustments to their plan. In addition, CHARLIE athletes are the first to enjoy supervised workouts with individual instruction and feedback, videotaped sessions, pre-race strategy and post-race evaluation, post-workout assessment and unlimited email access with guaranteed next-day response times.

CHARLIE plans tend to attract the most serious enthusiasts- those wanting more attention, more data, more tests and more of a partner than a coach. They want to be as efficient with their training as possible and seek a relationship more than just a service. They receive detailed WKO+ workout and race file analysis- including power, heart rate, pace and cadence. In addition, they also have access to advanced equipment guidance as well as more specific nutritional advice. If you are looking for a tour guide beside you during your entire journey, the CHARLIE plans is your best value.

Delta Plan


DELTA athletes enjoy full, priority access to all Delphi benefits, including unlimited phone and email access (with next-day response.) I will design the optimal race season based on your individual goals, lifestyle and resources. In most cases, I will actually train and race alongside you weekly. I will even coordinate race travel-related logistics like flight, lodging and bike transport; and accompany athletes to their chosen event, ensuring their experience is seamless.

I only accept a maximum of one (1) DELTA client each season, and their experience is so immersive that acceptance will limit the quantity of additional clients I can accept at all other levels. It’s personal 1-on-1 coaching for an entire season.

This is our highest level of service available and can be best characterized as a triathlon “concierge,” as well as a physical and mental lobotomy. I will be up in your business on the reg, and will do the majority of the thinking for you. I will tell you what to do and when to do it. I will tell you what it all means and what to do about it. I will tell you what to eat and why.

DELTA athletes can effectively turn their brain off and just train. I take care of all the details of training and racing- all you have to do is show up with an open mind. DELTAathletes will enjoy full, priority access to all CHARLIE benefits, in addition to unlimited phone and email access (with next-day response.) I leverage every opportunity available to ensure your success, as if it was my own. You become my obsession. Your spouse will even begin to worry.

I will design the optimal race season based on your individual goals, lifestyle and resources. In most cases, I will actually train and race alongside you weekly. I will even coordinate travel-related logistics like flight, lodging and bike transport, and accompany athletes to their chosen event, ensuring their experience is seamless. I will schedule the critical recovery components of training- including massage, ART and Graston, in addition to nutrition and race day fueling plans customized to your sweat rate and physiology.

DELTA athletes will also enjoy the entire range of testing protocols including body weight and body fat; lactate testing; threshold power, heart rate and pacing. They will have access to a muscle stimulator and basic bike maintenance. They will receive significant discounts through Delphi-approved partners on nutrition, apparel, bike maintenance and self-maintenance. DELTA clients are also entitled to free pre- and post-season (“off-season”) training plans, as well as a 15% lifetime discount on future coaching packages.

To my knowledge, no other coaching plan offers this level of attention at the amateur level, and is geared towards local athletes because it is so immersive. It’s absurdly underpriced. It’s the kitchen sink.


Contact Bart to schedule a no-obligation, free consultation to review your situation and whether you might be a good fit for this year’s team!



The following services are included for free for all BRAVO (basic), CHARLIE (advanced) and DELTA (custom) athletes. However, they can also be selected à-la-carte for ALPHA athletes looking for guidance in one of these areas as well.

We find that many times, athletes starting off with the ALPHA plan will quickly recognize the immense value of one or more of these options, even if they are still not ready to graduate to one of the more managed, immersive plans:

  • Loading of entire season of training sessions into TrainingPeaks software for convenient (mobile) access to training protocols ($99)

  • Monthly Power/HR/RPE file analysis session (1 hour: $99)

  • Weekly/HR/RPE file analysis session (30 minutes: $49)

  • Custom nutritional and equipment guidance – sweat rate test, diet plan, nutritional analysis and recommendations (1 hour: $99)

  • Custom pre-race strategy session including power, pace and nutritional targets (1 hour: $49)

  • Basic evaluation consultation of client race data (contingent on file upload to TrainingPeaks) before or after competition (30 minutes: $49)

  • Advanced nutritional and equipment guidance (30 minutes: $49)


I proudly extend a 15% discount to all youth (15-19) and active military personnel. Training logistics dictate that all CHARLIE and DELTA applicants applying for this status MUST have access to transportation to and from all training sessions.


1 BRAVO, CHARLIE AND DELTA Plans all include a MANDATORY Initial Set-up Fee of $79 (which includes TrainingPeaks Premum + TrainerRoad subscriptions)

2 BRAVO, CHARLIE AND DELTA clients are eligible for a free 30-day, no-questions-asked refund if they determine that my program is not right for them. After that, I require an initial 3-month commitment, followed by 3-month renewals, pro-rated depending on goal race. A monthly commitment is critical because IRONMAN is hard and Americans are soft, my time is extremely valuable and this investment communicates an athlete is willing and able to see their plan through to the end. Following their goal event, athletes will receive a free consultation where we will review their season and determine future options.

3 I maintain high expectations of my clients because no one else will, and the immensity of the challenge warrants it. As such, I reserve the right to release my clients from any plan where I feel the athlete’s goals or life circumstances no longer provide tem with a realistic chance of success, or which threaten to become detrimental to athlete and/or coach. In each case, athletes will be given early and frequent advance notice of this possibility and specific recommendations for plan modification. This includes moving down to a less immersive plan. Any refunds will be pro-rated, minus costs already assumed.

4 I generally prefer to terminate my formal coaching arrangement with athletes following successful completion of the goal event. This is not because I’m a sociopath but instead because at the end of a plan, a client should possess all or most of the foundational concepts to excel in the sport. This is my promise to them. Exceptions to this include if a client wishes to graduate to a greater challenge or higher plan.

5 All Delphi alumni in good standing are eligible to remain on the mailing/communications lists and invited to participate in any scheduled workouts with current clients for life.

6 Unfortunately, there are no refunds for injuries, during training or races.

7 All BRAVO, CHARLIE AND DELTA plans will require review and signed approval of a risk waiver releasing Bart Stevens and Delphi of any liability in the event the client is injured as part of a normal structured training plan. It it incumbent on each participating athlete to communicate their limitations and expectations of their training and progress, and this includes knowing their individual risk tolerance and pain thresholds. Delphi adheres to all established training protocol as dictated by the National Sports and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and is committed to managing maximum athlete safety and maintaining a safe environment.



Monthly / Variable

I may have mentioned that my passion is endurance sports, primarily multisport. However, I do have a soft spot in my heart for GORUCK events. If you haven’t heard of them, maybe you should ask somebody. If you have and are ready to engage in a customized plan that will get you to the Welcome Party fit and strong, I have more experience than anyone else in the Texas Hill Country for developing the appropriate training protocol necessary to survive and thrive against the rigors of a GORUCK event.

Because the requirements of GORUCK are so unique compared to other fitness events- and even among the various levels- this plan is highly customized and priced as such. Please contact me for an initial consultation to determine if getting off your ass is right for you.

Mudrun Plan

Monthly / Variable

I support any activity or event that gets people off their ass. While the mud-run culture has perpetuated beyond what is probably prudent and sustainable, I cannot deny that the training for- and competing in- this type of activity is by and large exceptionally good. Mud-runs and their brethren provide all or most of the critical components of a well-balanced health and fitness program, including:

  • Comprehensive and complimentary physical strength and other positive adaptations
  • Multiple opportunities to put something on the calendar
  • The social aspect
  • Accountability
  • Inclusion of proper diet, nutrition and fueling
  • Logical benchmark for popular Crossfit and TRX-type training.
  • Fun!

Those interested in participating in such events as a primary fitness goal, as an opportunity to cross-train for other modalities, or as any exciting entrance into a healthier lifestyle, will be hard-pressed to find anything as organized, safe and enjoyable as the modern American mud-run offered by Tough Mudder and Spartan.

Delphi offers custom training plans for these events for veterans looking to take their performance to the next level, as well as beginners and those wanting to mix up their existing training regimens. Because every athlete is different, and timelines as well as demands vary among athletes, defined costs for this type of training programs can be identified quickly in an initial consultation.