While my skill-set is most beneficial for athletes preparing for long-course triathlon competition; I DO work with clients of all ages, abilities or objectives. This includes Olympic and Sprint distances, duathlon and aquabike. I welcome retirees and youth, disabled and elite. And a client DOES NOT need to commit to a race or distance when they begin their training... although I strongly believe that one derives maximum value from training with "a dream and a date."


Transformative life change cannot be achieved through a simple, undefined improvement in general fitness, any more than a diet can achieve proper nutrition or getting your news from Facebook can make you smart. Is it even possible to have success without a goal? As I watch the normal gym patron, I suggest the answer is NO.


I'm not here to get you ready for swimsuit-season. That mindset is a road to nowhere, and the reason so many Americans are so unsuccessful with their physical health and their lives. Today, you have to be almost fanatical to be successful at any endeavor, to overcome the snares and temptations so pervasive in our culture. If people don't accuse you of being obsessed, you're probably not doing it right. And nothing communicates obsessive like IRONMAN.


I only have two speeds: full speed and asleep. If a triathlon is your New Year's Resolution, I'm not your guy. There are plenty of purveyors of mediocrity in my community and country today that will be a better fit. They will tell you just alright is good enough, often because they need a client. Just alright is not. In a long-course triathlon, just alright can get you hurt. It can result in a great deal of pain and suffering in a competition. So if you're thinking of 'dabbling' in this sport, trying something new or looking to shed a few pounds, I'm a terrible option. We live in a culture that's sinking fast. I'm not a life preserver. I'm a rocket ship. I represent the opportunity to escape your present circumstances, not just endure them.


I'm not for everybody. But I can be everything to a select few. If you want to be exceptional, as quickly and efficiently as possible, this might work. And if you're not there yet, that's fine, too. I'll wait.


My competitive advantage in the endurance coaching space is that this is NOT my full-time job, and I don't need the money. How many personal trainers can honestly say that? This is a ministry, not a career. In fact, my services are priced such that I will typically lose money on athletes I train based on both the amount of time and money I invest in their success.


My objective is to break even when you cross the finish line. If my rates were calibrated to my peers, you could not afford me. This is what makes me unique and my services so valuable: I am free from the conflicts inherent in many who coach for a living: I won't extend the duration of your plan to make my car payment. I won't compromise on your progress to keep you pacified. I won't accept less so that you can pay more. Because the sooner I can get you over the wall, the sooner I can lift someone else over who's just as hungry for success. I am equally happy focusing on a single committed athlete as I am with an entire team. I literally don't care. To me, it really does not matter.


Step 1: The Consultation


Each prospective Delphi client receives a FREE initial consultation, where we will review past relevant training and racing history (if any), objectives, time and health constraints and general fitness levels. I decline more athletes than I accept so this is an important step. And level of initial fitness is NEVER a factor in accepting clients.


If sufficient compatibility is lacking or my program fails to offer a strong possibility for success, I will steer the athlete towards a more appropriate option or resource. If I think I can help, we will graduate to the process of synthesizing the client's profile into a plan of action that bridges their current status to their final goal and identify the coaching package that promises the greatest chance to reach your goal.