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Consultation Form

Contact Bart by completing the form below to schedule a no-obligation, free consultation to review your situation and whether you might be a good fit for this year's team!

Consultations can be accomplished by phone, video conference or in person. They provide you the opportunity to learn more about the Delphi training program, ask questions and identify a plan that fits your budget, lifestyle and goals!


Referral Program 

Delphi Human Performance Systems relies exclusively on word-of-mouth and the success of past and current athletes to attract new clients. As such, all referrals who sign up for a monthly training plan (BRAVO, CHARLIE and DELTA only) are eligible for $100 off their coaching fees! And the referrer also qualifies as well!


For both referrer and referral to qualify, you MUST mention the referrer's name in the contact form below. Discount will be applied in the second month of training.

Athlete Questionnaire

Following the initial consultation and before any training commences, prospective clients are required to complete the following survey to learn more about the athlete's background and overall preparedness to enter into a formal training program.


Please feel free to complete and email this document after submitting the form below. Or you can simply review this document in preparation for our conversation. Thanks!

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