GORUCK PLAN (Monthly/Variable)

I may have mentioned that my passion is endurance sports, primarily multisport. However, I do have a soft spot in my heart for GORUCK events. If you haven't heard of them, maybe you should ask somebody. If you have and are ready to engage in a customized plan that will get you to the Welcome Party fit and strong, I have more experience than anyone else in the Texas Hill Country for developing the appropriate training protocol necessary to survive and thrive against the rigors of a GORUCK event.


Because the requirements of GORUCK are so unique compared to other fitness events- and even among the various levels- this plan is highly customized and priced as such. Please contact me for an initial consultation to determine if getting off your ass is right for you.

MUD RUN (Monthly/Variable)

I support any activity or event that gets people off their ass. While the mud-run culture has perpetuated beyond what is probably prudent and sustainable, I cannot deny that the training for- and competing in- this type of activity is by and large exceptionally good. Mud-runs and their brethren provide all or most of the critical components of a well-balanced health and fitness program, including:

  • Comprehensive and complimentary physical strength and other positive adaptations
  • Multiple opportunities to put something on the calendar
  • The social aspect
  • Accountability
  • Inclusion of proper diet, nutrition and fueling
  • Logical benchmark for popular Crossfit and TRX-type training.
  • Fun!

Those interested in participating in such events as a primary fitness goal, as an opportunity to cross-train for other modalities, or as any exciting entrance into a healthier lifestyle, will be hard-pressed to find anything as organized, safe and enjoyable as the modern American mud-run offered by Tough Mudder and Spartan.


Delphi offers custom training plans for these events for veterans looking to take their performance to the next level, as well as beginners and those wanting to mix up their existing training regimens. Because every athlete is different, and timelines as well as demands vary among athletes, defined costs for this type of training programs can be identified quickly in an initial consultation.