Training Camps



Delphi training camp are epic experiences! In particular, our popular Ring of Fire weekends pack in an incredible three full days of swimming, biking, running and hiking in one of the most stunning landscapes in the state of Texas, if not the entire southern United States. People who have never been inevitably come back changed, while those who are returning are always reminded of how special the Ft.Davis-Marfa-Alpine area truly is. And every athlete comes back with super-human strength! *


Delphi 2017 training camp logistics are still being arranged but registration typically opens up to eligible athletes approximately 100 days in advance. Only current Delphi athletes and alumni are invited to participate in team-sponsored camps. However, we do make an exception for members of Hill Country Multisport in good standing.


There is a cost, but we try hard to keep costs very low and you'll never enjoy a more affordable opportunity than this. So check back soon, or contact me for details! 

* Not a guarantee